Located in Los Angeles, Kjersti Flaa is an award winning journalist and versatile multimedia producer.

Originally from Norway, Flaa produces compelling interviews and innovative celebrity multimedia projects for ELLE International, a publication spanning 45 countries. She’s also a driving force behind HollyWire’s entertainment content on Samsung TV Plus—an esteemed global OTT platform boasting 200 million monthly views.

She produced and directed branded content concepts with CNN’s Courageous Studio for Warner Brothers’ movie Black Mass. Christian Dior’s  TikTok campaign with Cara Delevingne, Emma Roberts & Fred Jewelry collaboration for ELLE, Dior x Cara Delevingne for ELLE International – and Fashion Designer Peter Dundas x Grey Goose campaign for IMG.

Flaa’s accomplishments extend to the prestigious Oscar Academy, which licensed her impactful interview with the legendary Samuel L. Jackson as part of his honorary Oscar recognition during the illustrious Governors Awards of 2022. Moreover, her video content has been handpicked by Google for inclusion in a captivating showcase montage at the YouTube Brandcast event in New York in 2022.

Her digital footprint remains equally impressive, with her YouTube channel, Flaawsome Talk, amassing a staggering 90 million views – a testament to her ability to engage and resonate with audiences across the globe.

Flaa is the moderator of NOW – Nordic Oscar Weekend – an annual three-day seminar catering to industry professionals spanning both Scandinavia and Hollywood.

Flaa’s expertise has also brought her into the spotlight as an industry authority, contributing to a remarkable 15 documentaries aired on Germany’s Kabel Eins. Furthermore, her insights have been featured on esteemed German broadcasters, including Pro Sieben, RTL, and ZDF.

Flaa is the Founder and Creative Director of the LA based production company Content Now. She produced 130 episodes of the short form entertainment series Hollywood Stories for Scandinavia’s biggest streaming platform VIAPLAY. The show was sold to 40 countries.

Flaa has consistently stood at the forefront of her native Norway’s entertainment landscape, with a prominent role as the principal celebrity interviewer for the esteemed entertainment show on TV2 since 2007. Her influence also extends to her contributions to leading newspapers and magazines, including VG, Dagbladet, DN, D2, NRK, Aftenposten and KK. She’s lent her talents to international platforms, producing captivating entertainment segments for Entertainment Tonight (MBC Arabic) from 2013 to 2017. Moreover, her role as the Hollywood correspondent for SBS and Shownieuws TV in Holland from 2012 to 2018 has solidified her status as an industry insider.

Flaa garnered recognition for fearlessly challenging injustice and taking on a formidable Hollywood establishment. She was interviewed by New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Times UK and Variety – as well as on Good Morning America (ABC), Inside Edition (CBS), LA Times Podcast, The Daily Podcast (NY Times) and News 1 (Spectrum). (See ‘in the press‘ section)

She is the co-founder and CEO of Academy of Fashion Arts and Sciences (ACADDYS)

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS (non-profit): Beyond her professional endeavors, Flaa has dedicated her talents to impactful non-profit initiatives, such as her immersive reporting on climate change in Madagascar for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature in 2009. She also worked with Amnesty International and their campaign advocating for women’s right to choose, particularly in Texas, in 2021.

AWARDS: Won the 62nd annual SoCal Journalism Awards in 2020 for Best Entertainment Feature (interview with Diane Keaton). First runner up at the SoCal Journalism Awards in 2019 (Interview with Jane Fonda) Second runner up at the 12th National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards in 2019 (TV interview with Henry Winkler)

MEMBER OF: Critics Choice Association, Motion Picture Association, LA Press Club.  Serving on International Film and TV Committee and PR and Marketing Committee for Critics Choice Association.


Photo by: Magnus Sundholm